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Been busy but now my Bushcat and I are bonding!

Well after my last post I groundlooped my Bushcat! Took a couple months, got her all fixed up like new. A tribute to the aircrafts design as it was super easy to fix which was my main reason for choosing it. I had finished my Sport Pilot rating with Captain Drakes in Cave junction, but because the Bushcat was damaged I did it in Wolf's Ercoupe. Worked with Dave at Columbia Aviation and Brian at Tailwheel Town and got my tailwheel endorsement in the bag (and remove the mental scars from damaging my baby.) Then a busy month of breaking it in solo! The more I fly this airplane the more I love it! Yesterday we measured a 168' take off roll with just me and half fuel in the airplane, and I'm getting well under 5 gallons an hour fuel burn. Next is ADSB out install, heat install, some 26' Airstreak tires by Airframes Alaska, and in the mean time I am just going to keep honing my skills as a pilot so I can get closer to the true performance capabilities of this airplane! Next is CFI-S, and getting my Private Pilot. The bushcat is just such an awesome performer and so easy to fix and improve, I just keep falling more and more in love! Everyone who flies it loves it and I am talking with friends about building another one from a kit this winter to really learn everything about it!

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